The Folly Collective (in Catalan ‘El Col·lectiu Musicofoll’) is a Catalan rock band formed in Barcelona in 2015. In the beginning they recorded some psychedelic Christmas songs just for fun, but following the good reviews they received, they started working with famous singer and actress Lloll Bertran and other Catalan artists. In 2016 - 2017 they started a daily psychedelic radio show, ‘Catalina Radio’ (as part of the ‘Interferències’ show) on the national Catalan radio station (Catalunya Ràdio). ‘Catalina Radio’ was a cinematic fiction show in audio format, and it included some original music too. Fast forward 2 years, and in 2019 The Folly Collective made a comeback as a rock band, beginning to work on new tracks with the intention of making their first album. On December 14th they played a big show at Konvent with Catalan psychedelic musician ‘Pau Riba’. Now they are working on new songs in collaboration with Peter Stampfel, one of the creators of psychedelic folk.
"Si tu vas al cel amb patinet" la nova cançó del Col·lectiu Musicofoll i Peter Stampfel
Summer love with George Freginald

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